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Tenancy Agreement Law In Ghana

Anyone wishing to rent and occupy a property for a specified period of time is called a tenant. In Ghana, there are rules/laws governing the rental of residents of real estate. These laws are in the form of a lease given to tenants before they receive housing. Here is an example of a lease form that can be used in Ghana. This lease is from yen.com.gh and can be used as an example of a space rental agreement or as an example of a house rental agreement. However, below you will find a selection of rentals in Ghana. Don`t confuse a sample of unturned land in Ghana with a lease model, as the two are different. The land dike is a binding agreement on the sale of real estate or land that indicates the details of the property. The latter is a deed of ownership, while the residential rental agreement only applies to the rental or rental of real estate and not to a change of ownership. 3. Real estate address – The property in question must be located on legal land, which means a documented physical environment. The address of the property must be in the rental agreement: the region, the land number, the city and all other addresses. While a lawyer can intervene to help the tenant define the legal details of the property, you need to conduct a thorough substantive review to determine if the property in question belongs to the lessor.

A physical visit is required, with the landlord in front of the tenant across the property. Plus, you can`t commit to something you haven`t seen. In case of leases, the field office can be an excellent place to get information about the property in question. The rental checklist must contain this information. In addition, the agreement should define to whom the money is to be paid and the means of payment. It sets a course where the tenant knows who to pay and until what date. It avoids cases where different people come to ask for rent. There should also be a provision for late payments, i.e.

a penalty and when eviction for non-payment of rent should or can be carried out in a timely manner. This agreement is mandatory for [RENTAL PERIOD], from [START DATE] and at the end [expiration date], the date on which the rental agreement can be renewed or terminated and new rules apply. Before you sign a rental agreement, you need to know more about it and understand its contents. Once you have signed the document, it means that you will respect the rules and responsibilities set out in the documents. The lease document is very important and so you need to understand what it contains. Most people sign the lease form without going through the document to determine what it refers to. However, if you write your signature, it means that you are respecting the rules and responsibilities set out in the document, of which you may not know anything. Leases should be subject to national law, which means that they cannot be exercised solely through agreements. A lease concluded on the spot is therefore illegal and unenforceable by law. Panda Council: The laws change and you don`t want your entire agreement to be compromised by a change in the law that you weren`t aware of. This mitigates the blow to such a situation.

Click here to download the Rent Control Act 1986 (PNDCL 138). If you stay on the path of these two laws, you will deepen your understanding of Ghana`s rental laws..