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Sac Code For Lease Agreement

They also purchase transponders from foreign satellite operators on leasing and provide the leasing services of these to service providers. d. The transaction at issue is concluded between the applicant and the undertakings to which the industrial land is transferred under a 99-year long-term lease and separate leases. We note that the applicant`s filing is not tenable since the E-Challan of 3.1.2017 for Rs 415740/- was filed by the applicant at the same time as the rental contract of the registration and stamp service of the Government of Rajasthan, is specifically intended for the registration of the lease. III. Frequency allocation letter – e.g. back, empty letter No. SATCOM PO/F.631/157 of 12 February 2020 has 3 MHz of band capacity on the transponder NO. CIO of the GSAT-10 satellite. (A copy of the spectrum letter of allocation set out in Appendix 3). The customer has the right to use this 3 MHz bandwidth for up-linking and downloading carriers and regularly pays a fixed fee for this. Upon the expiration of the contract, the leased capacity in question will be automatically returned to DOS and will be made available to other users for whom a separate allocation and agreement will be concluded. 3.1 L`Allotte is authorized to sublet under these conditions the area allowed for sale, the land allocated, in accordance with the layout plan approved by GMFPL, for the remaining duration of the lease from the date of allocation, under these conditions that do not exceed the conditions of attribution, rental contract or cotermination with the Allotm Letter / Lease Agreement d`allottee.