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Harvard Gmas Billing Agreement

If you have any questions or concerns while preparing the billing agreement, please contact OSPProposalAssistance@harvard.edu. Did you know that inbound billing agreements* can now be implemented at GMAS and co-billed by OSP Research Finance? Please get an idea of the new process in GMAS. This zoom webinar details the new GMAS feature, released in early September, including the roles and responsibilities of departments, pre-awarded offices, and research finance. Billing agreements are legal agreements between institutions to facilitate the reimbursement of staff and students from one institution working on a sponsored project at the other institution. The management and monitoring of outbound billing agreements, including invoicing, is the responsibility of the division/administrative unit at the local level and is not established in GMAS. The division/management unit at local level is responsible for the ongoing comparison of settlement agreement accounts within GMAS and ensures that a final comparison takes place to facilitate the conclusion. As the end of the billing agreement approaches, the department/local management unit verifies and updates recurring charges and ensures that all attributable expenses are properly accounted for in the main book. The OSP Research Finance Post Awards (PAO) team makes an abbreviated conclusion after the end of the prize by asking the local division/administrative unit to confirm the final figure and remove any expenses that have been marked as part of the transaction monitoring. . . .