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Formulations And The Facilitation Of Common Agreement In Meetings Talk

To make the process of identifying formulations systematic, we followed the distinction between Heritage and Watson (1979) between formulations that extract the general meaning of the previous conference (or “core”) and formulations that emerge from it the relevant implication (or “outcome”). The basic format embodied by these formulations is that of a conversation-oriented pair of adjacetes, the first part being a preface (z.B. “so… “) or a syntactic framework (for example.B. “Say it…” ” and the second part shows a confirmation or refusal. Next, we selected shorter segments that contained these formulations, so that their nature and constituent characteristics could be studied closely. These shorter segments were then transcribed according to the Jefferson notation system (Jefferson 2004). Kurri K, Wahlström J (2007) Reformulations of agentless talk in psychotherapy. Moderators can be internal or external to the organization in which the working group is present, have no decision-making power, and are officially recognized by group members to help them fulfill their mission (Wardale 2013). Sacks, H. 1987/1973. On the preference for agreement and connection in the sequences under discussion. In: Button G, Lee JR (ed.) Conference and social organization. Multilingual Matters, Clevedon The special tool used by the moderation team for their work was a strategic map created with Group Explorer, a connected computer system using causal visual mapping technique to support team decision-making (Bryson et al.

2004; Eden and Ackermann 2010). The map was used by workshop participants to identify a number of policy issues and their perceived impacts. To build the map, participants gathered in the workshop room and sat around small tables arranged in a horseshoe layout, with a console laptop for each table. The consoles were connected to a master laptop, controlled by the main animator who controlled the consoles and compiled the team`s contributions, then spread them out on a large public screen at the front of the workshop room. The screen was visible to all participants and provided a priority around which group discussions on strategic issues were held. Subscribers` messages were collected anonymously through the consoles and displayed quickly on the screen during entry and via the content facilitator….