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Does The Uk Have A Free Trade Agreement With Australia

There were other issues that were raised by the interviewees that were discussed in the government`s White Paper on the preparation of our future UK trade policy. For example, the Government`s commitment to help developing countries fight poverty through trade, including by improving market access, removing trade barriers and encouraging investment to enable greater acceptance of trade agreements, was described in detail in this White Paper. In other areas of concern identified by respondents, the government is already working to address many of the issues identified. For example, the government is focusing on promoting gender equality through trade, activities to support these efforts. There are costs associated with familiarizing the company with the agreement. While there is data on the number of firms trading in goods, data on the number of firms trading in services is limited. In addition, it is hoped that access to preferences under an agreement would encourage other companies to trade with Australia. It is therefore not possible to fully estimate the one-time initiation costs for companies trading in goods and services. Since the 1970s, Australia has pursued a policy of unilateral, bilateral and multilateral trade liberalization, with average tariffs falling from 18.6% in 1991 to 0.9% in 2017. [footnote 33] A report by the Centre for International Economics showed that in 2016, Australia`s GDP was 5.4% higher than would have been the case without trade liberalisation over the past 30 years.

[footnote 34] In addition, the study showed that trade was responsible for one of the five jobs in Australia. With regard to trade measures, one person expressed concern about the vulnerability of UK companies to dumping. At this stage, it is not possible to identify the countries most likely to be affected. However, Table 8 shows the dependence of developing countries on trade in goods between the United Kingdom and Australia. [Footnote 91] The analysis shows that the Pacific Islands are the region most likely to be affected by a free trade agreement between Britain and Australia. This is probably partly due to the geographical proximity of the Pacific Islands to Australia. The aim of the ETA is to enable the government to draw on external knowledge and expertise to ensure that the UK`s trade policy is underpinned by detailed data and is able to achieve positive results for the UK. We will rely on the expertise of these groups to gather information, to inform the political positions of the government. The respondents expressed doubts as to the compatibility with the international obligations to which the United Kingdom is already bound, as in the European Patent Convention (EPC). The government recognizes the responsibility to continue to respect, in negotiations with Australia, international intellectual property contracts to which it is already bound, such as for example. B the EPC.

For countries wishing to conclude a trade agreement with the United Kingdom, have access to patent protection in the United Kingdom and other parts of the EPC through the European Patent Office (EPO). Twenty-four companies have asked the UK government to prioritise a future free trade agreement with Australia. Eleven companies called for the removal or reduction of tariffs and highlighted the opportunities this could create due to increased trade between the two countries, and one respondent indicated that the promotion of electronic commerce (e-commerce) could be such an opportunity. Among the responses were requests to reduce certain tariffs, for example. B for cereals, or their abolition for products such as raw cane sugar and wine. .