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Agreement In Principle Deutsch

The agreement in principle is also subject to the approval of the antitrust authorities and certain Vitus shareholders. The agreement in principle is subject to certain conditions of conclusion. Deutsche Telekom has also entered into a preliminary agreement with SEC staff regarding the setting for a possible transaction. Magyar Telekom has partnered with SEC employees to resolve the SEC`s investigation into Magyar Telekom. The negotiations concluded with the signing of an agreement in principle that defines all the essential elements of cooperation. In this context, Deutsche Annington, together with some shareholders of the Vitus group (Vitus), fundamentally opposed the integration of certain Vitus companies with about 30,000 housing units into the German Annington group, against an opposition of 1.4 billion euros. Eur (including the assumption of certain debts and the repayment of loan debts). Une commission in the amount of EUR 43 millions has been established in light of the agreement in principle and its continued discussions with the DOJ. Accord in principle to acquire two hollow brick plants à Krakow, Poland. Deutsche Telekom has also reached a preliminary agreement with the SEC on the framework for a possible transaction. .

With regard to the agreement in principle and the ongoing negotiations with the DOJ, a provision of €43 million has been made. Please note that the vocabulary in the vocabulary list is only available in this browser. Once they have been picked up in the vocabulary trainer, they are also available on other devices. Magyar Telekom`s and Deutsche Telekom`s legal representatives are currently in talks with the U.S. on the status of the investigation and the possibility of closing the proceedings. . How can I incorporate translations into the vocabulary trainer? Le conseiller municipal Andres Türler, le CEO de Swisscom Carsten Schloter et le directeur d`ewz Conrad Ammann ont informé la presse lors d`un point de presse. Translate text from any app or website with just one click Accord conclu Depuis mi-2009, la compagnie d`électricité zurichoise ewz mène des négociations étroites avec Swisscom concernant la collaboration à la construction du réseau de fibre optique dans la ville de Zurich. The negotiations have resulted in an agreement in principle that sets out all the cornerstones of the cooperation. Results: 149.

Exact : 149. Processing time: 151 ms. Wienerberger achèvera bientôt la prochaine étape d`expansion en Pologne The consideration for the Vitus portfolio, including the assumption of liabilities and repayment of debt, is around EUR 1.4 billion. Since mid-2009, the power plant of the city of Zurich (ewz) and Swisscom have been conducting intensive negotiations for cooperation for the construction of the fiber optic network in the city of Zurich. . . .