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Withdrawal Agreement Frontier Workers

If a person in the United Kingdom who has been denied entry to the United Kingdom because he or she is not a border worker, because he or she has not presented a valid ID card or a valid border work permit, or for public policy reasons, the Immigration Act 1971 computer is used to exercise the control of the person (Regulation 13). Additional provisions are provided for the application of the 1971 Act with respect to the withdrawal of accreditation (Regulation 14). Are you currently working as a border worker in the Netherlands and are you subject to the provisions of the withdrawal agreement? You then have the right to continue working as a border crosser in the Netherlands from 1 January 2021. You need a border worker document to show this right. Then you can easily travel to and from the Netherlands. Apply online for the document below. The app is currently free. The border worker`s document is valid for 5 years. At present, it is not certain that you will be able to work as a British border worker without a work permit in the Netherlands from 2021. It depends on the agreements between the UK and the EU. If no agreement is reached, you must ask your Dutch employer to apply for a work permit for you. The Secretary of State issues a border work permit to a border worker after receiving a valid application (Regulation 8). An application for a border worker permit must be made online; Be accompanied by necessary biometric information, a valid identity document and evidence that the applicant is a border worker; and be complete.

An application is not valid and must be rejected if it is not submitted in accordance with these requirements. However, the Secretary of State cannot dismiss the application as invalid unless the applicant has had the opportunity to correct the defects in the application and has not done so. So there is some flexibility. In addition, a person may appeal a refusal of admission decision. However, a person cannot make such an appeal (i) without presenting valid identification; or (ii) if the refusal of the authorization decision was made before 1 July 2021 or if the appealing person is of Irish nationality, there is sufficient evidence that they are border workers. EU citizens and UK border workers have the right to enter and leave the work state with a valid passport or ID card (Article 14, withdrawal agreement, if applicable). Five years after the end of the transitional period for Brexit (31 December 2020), the working state may decide not to accept a national identity card upon entry or exit from its territory if these cards do not contain a chip in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization`s current biometric identification standards. In addition, a border worker who has entered the United Kingdom may appeal the decision to remove that person because the person is no longer a border worker or for abuse of rights.

But a person cannot make such an appeal without presenting a valid piece of identification. A border worker who has entered the UK may be deported if he or she is no longer a border worker; The Secretary of State has decided that the removal of the person is justified on grounds of public order, public safety or public health (as defined in EU law); or if this is justified by an abuse of law (Regulation 15). With respect to matters of public policy, public safety or public health, the publication of a decision stipulates that the person against whom the order was ordered is prohibited from entering the United Kingdom until the order is revoked, if he is able to deport a removal order; or for the period indicated on the market.