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Nsw Ctp Sharing Agreement

On a date that occurs five years after the car accident (or by appointment at an earlier date), the insurer concerned becomes the authority for life support and assistance in the payment of care and care costs. Indeed, unless the contrary intent appears: “means the Motor Accidents Act 1988 , and contains all the regulations, orders or proclamations made in the context of that act; ” means the act of adherence within the meaning of Clause 2; “As far as a claim is concerned, means the year beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30, the following year, during which the engine accident that led to this allegation occurred; “an advisory actuary, who is a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia, appointed by the President of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia; , to this end, a bank within the meaning of Article 5, paragraph 1, of the Banking Act 1959; “a right to compensation for the death or violation of a person caused by the fault of the owner or driver of a motor vehicle in the use or operation of the vehicle; “refers to a person who asserts or is entitled to assert a right; ” the amount paid by the insurer or nominal accused, in the name or on behalf of an applicant , with respect to a claim or the applicant`s procedural costs (including payments) with respect to the final transaction claim or the judgment relating to a claim; “means this deed, amended from time to time, at the same time as any act of membership executed pursuant to Article 2; ” means July 1, 1991; “an agreement under which insurers make available to the New South Wales Treasury Corporation a financial facility for the financing of the TAC fund; “an authorized insurer or a suspended insurer; ” a license under Division 1 of Part 8 of the Act; : the Authority does not reach an agreement with the Transport and Roads Authority under Section 13 of the Act, which provides that the total commission collected by the Transport and Roads Authority is more than 1.5% of the insurance premiums collected by the Transport and Roads Authority, or that the amount of payments to insurers is less than the week. After the application of the sharing agreement, insurers divide the claim costs of all claims against the nominal accused that were incurred in an accident year in relation to the market share of insurers during that accident year. Consent, agreement or authorization in accordance with point 10.1 may be proven by a document or set of documents that set out the issue approved, agreed upon or executed by the required majority of insurers or licensed insurers. If insurers or licensed insurers agree in writing to any questions relating to the operation of this act or the law covered in point 10.1, all insurers or any licensed insurers are deemed to agree. Each insurer must honour and pay all claims against the nominal accused assigned to him in accordance with this clause, in accordance with the provisions of this clause and the provisions of the division contract.