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Bank Custody Agreement Template

Global Custody Agreement is effective from the date of entry and is concluded by and between the TREASURER OF THE STATE OF IOWA, which acts in such an official capacity, and the treasurer`s successor on a timely basis, while this agreement is in effect (“Treasurer”), and Custodial Bank (“Custodian”) with its headquarters at the custodian bank. This agreement is between the Treasurer of Ohio, 30 East Broad Street, 9th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-3461 and (“Financial Institution”) (ADDRESS), commonly known as “parties.” The agreement is approved by the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code (“ORC”). The duration of this agreement is July 2, 2012 until July 6, 2014 and may be extended by the written agreement of the parties. This agreement defines the child care services that the administrator must provide for the accounts of the Schedule 1 recipient (s). This revised and revised agreement of August 14, 2017 exists between JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (“Bank”), a national bank with a business position on 383 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10179; and each of the public investment companies listed in Appendix 1 of this agreement and registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, pursuant to the 1940 Investment Corporation Act as amended (“1940 Act”), organized as legal trust companies in Delaware (a “trust”), several and for some of their respective portfolios , which are listed in Schedule 1 (a “fund”). , each trust and its respective funds with a place of business at P.O. Box 2600 Valley Forge, PA 19482. Any trust for which the bank serves as custodian under this agreement is individually designated as a “customer.” Joinder (“Joinder”) to the GLOBAL CUSTODY AGREEMENT of March 1, 2020, among each of the customers listed in Schedule B (one customer) and JPMORGAN CHASE BANK , N.A. (“J.P. Morgan”), in the amended version (the “agreement”), will be concluded from July 15, 2020 between new customers (as defined below) and J.P.

Morgan. This instrument, dated December 2, 2009, is located between NATIONWIDE VARIABLE INSURANCE TRUST, successor to GARTMORE VARIABLE INSURANCE TRUST (the “customer”) and JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION (the “Bank”). It amends the Global Custody Agreement of April 4, 2003 in its amended and amended “Custody Agreement”) of April 4, 2003 (“Custody Agreement”). The capitalized terms of this amendment, which are not defined here, have the meaning that is defined in the custody agreement. This amendment will be made on July 10, 2019 by and between Principal Funds, Inc. (the “customer”) and the Bank of New York Mellon (“BNY Mellon”). This JOINDER (the “Joinder”) at the GLOBAL CUSTODY AGREEMENT of September 8, 2010, as amended from time to time (the “agreement”), from and between JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (“J.P. Morgan”) and the AQR funds, on behalf of each series fund and any unit in the Cayman Islands listed in Schedule 1, is amended by and between JPMorgan Chase Bank , N.A.

(“J.P. Morgan”) and AQR funds on behalf of each series fund and all Cayman Islands unit listed in Schedule 1; (Any series, fund or unit of the Cayman Islands, which is separate and not collectively “customer” or “fund” in Schedule 1, is completed and comes into effect on May 21, 2020 (effective date). . Form of Amendment No. 15, valid from May 1, 2020 (“Amendment 15”), to the Global Custody Agreement of December 31, 2001 as amended (“Agreement”), from and between AXA Premier VIP Trust (“Trust”), on behalf of each of the portfolios designated on Schedule C and the JPM Chaseorgan Bank (“Bank”).