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Agreement Between Australia And The European Community On Trade In Wine

(b) when wines are described and presented using names prohibited by this agreement, wines may be put on the market: (23) use of polyvinylpyrrolidone, provided that the wine treated in this way contains no more than 100 mg/l of polyvinylpolypyrrolidone; (d) “description”: mentions on labelling, documents accompanying the transport of wine, commercial documents, in particular invoices and delivery slips, as well as advertising; mutual assistance between the supervisory authorities Article 19, point c), where the wine is composed entirely of the aforementioned varieties, up to five varieties of vines can be mentioned on the label and at least 5% of each designated variety must be indicated and the varieties are designated in descending order of proportion; 1. The contracting parties agree, on the basis of non-discrimination and reciprocity, to facilitate and encourage the exchange of wines originating in the Community and Australia under the conditions provided for by this agreement. (c) for wines described by Australian law and presented in accordance with Australian law, the terms “botrytis” or similar words, “noble late picks” or “late harvest” or “special ntents”: 1. Without prejudice to their more restrictive domestic legislation, the parties agree to authorize the use of the name of a grape variety or, if necessary, a synonym, in order to describe and present a wine only under the following conditions: b) if three geographical indications are used for the same wine, at least 95% of the wine must be obtained from grapes harvested in these geographical units, provided that at least 5% of the wine is derived from one of the geographical indications mentioned; the geographical indications on the label are designated in descending order of the report. where the wine in question bears a protected geographical indication in accordance with Schedule II. 1. The parties, in accordance with this agreement, take all necessary measures to ensure the reciprocal protection of the names covered by Article 7 used for the description and presentation of wines originating in the territory of the contracting parties. Each party provides interested parties with the legal means to prevent the use of a traditional expression or geographical indication for wines that are not from the location indicated in the geographical indication concerned. 3. Retsina table wine followed by the name of a nomos and designated ” … ” (traditional name): 1. To the extent that EU legislation allows this agreement, the protection afforded by this agreement is extended to individuals and corporations, entities and associations, associations and organisations of Australian-based producers, traders or consumers.