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Vuw Collective Agreement 2018

This directive is intended to protect the safety and well-being of children under the age of 18 who receive children`s services from Victoria University in Wellington. From August 2018Pdf Watch The Evaluation Manual describes the assessment policy and practice of Victoria University in Wellington for all bachelor`s and teaching programs. From: April 2018Voit PDF This directive provides guidelines for the protection and disclosure procedures of serious offences under the Protected Disclosure 2000 Act. From December 2018Pdf USWMemorandum of Settlement ETC and Victoria University, October 28, 2020 DUUSW Collective Agreement June 2017-June 2020 The purpose of these guidelines is to provide information on staff eligibility for study assistance that supports staff development policy. View PDF This policy provides protocols for a safe and healthy environment for all employees and students who participate in off-campus activities. From: August 2009 Show the PDF These are the procedures to deal with potential conflicts of interest. From: June 2011 Show DPDF procedures to report staff reports and sick leave procedures in order to confirm the university`s systems and procedures for managing these leave. View PDF This directive sets out the general conditions for the use of passenger vehicles in higher education. View PDF This Statute ensures that staff use discretion to manage conflicts of interest and act in a manner consistent with institutional responsibilities. As of June 2011PDF View PDF This policy ensures that student workloads are fair, sustained and manageable and that the required course time allows a student with average ability to obtain a passport. From: October 2014 Pdf Pdf This directive sets out the procedures for determining the nature of the commitment and the relationship that follows between the university and its contractors. From June 2010PDF See this directive is a university directive that applies to all permanent employees and people with fixed-term contracts of more than 12 months. See pdf This policy provides a framework for staff around donating and receiving gifts and koha on behalf of the university.

View PDF This policy describes the circumstances for people outside the university who have been appointed to warrant or visit positions, authorizations and how exceptions are managed. View PDF This directive sets out the principles and requirements of consultation processes that need to be followed with respect to changes, strategic planning and personnel policies. From: February 2013PDFAnzeigen PDF This policy describes the standards of behaviour expected at Victoria University in Wellington and describes the processes to follow if standards are not met. View PDF The following policies and procedures govern and guide Victoria University`s relationship with its staff. These guidelines provide new current and future employees with information about employment at Victoria University. This policy sets out the framework of the BCM, the responsibilities and principles to effectively prepare and achieve strategic objectives in times of major crisis. From March 2010PDF For more information on the code of conduct for the pastoral care of international students, visit the website of the Ministry of Education. The policy aims to identify and assist suicidal students and provide more effective interventions and support after suicidal behaviour. From October 2014PDF See PDF This manual contains the university`s policies and processes for approving new courses and programs as well as modifying existing courses and programs.