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Redemption Of Shares Agreement

THIS ACCORD REDEMPTION (the “agreement”) will be adopted on September 24, 2018 between The Janel Company, a Nevada company (“Janel”), and the signed holders (each a “Series A Holder” and the “Series A Holders”) of all issued and outstanding shares of Janels Series A Convertibled Preferred Stock (Parvalue $0.001 per share) (value per $0.001). PandaTip: Check the conditions set out in this cashing agreement model to ensure that they fully comply with all applicable rules or business regulations. When it comes to stock withdrawals, it benefits shareholders because the contract essentially buys back the shareholder. The contract also allows you to describe the terms of the transfer or purchase of the shares. As a general rule, the withdrawal agreement gives a nearby company the right to refuse if an offer is made by a third party. This is a joint agreement reached by many close companies for the following reasons: the following signatures constitute an acceptance between the two parties of all statements contained in this withdrawal agreement. PandaTip: Important information has been added to this cashing contract template using data entered in the token fields in the right menu. To complete the model, scroll down and confirm that all the information in the model is correct. If you own or run a business and a shareholder leaves, is disabled or dies, a withdrawal contract can protect you. This agreement allows you to obtain the terms of purchase or transfer of ownership shares in advance.

A withdrawal agreement may express your promise to repurchase the shareholder`s shares. To learn more about a stock withdrawal agreement, you can publish your work on the UpCounsel website. UpCounsel`s lawyers give you a better overview of share agreements and how to get the benefits of a share withdrawal contract. In addition, they can read any action agreement before signing it. If one aspect, article or provision of that withdrawal agreement is considered null and void, all other parts of that agreement are retained and enforced.