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Partnership Interest Purchase Agreement Sec

3.8 Work is important. With regard to workers in companies, except as stated in Appendix 3.8 of this list: (i) companies are not parties to employment contracts with workers who are not resilient at their convenience or who provide for the payment of a bonus or commission at the end of that period; (ii) companies are not parties to an agreement, policy or practice that requires them to: (iii) companies are not parties to a collective agreement or other union contract, nor do companies, sellers or companies know the activities or procedures of a union to organize such employees, and (iv) companies are not parties to collective agreements or other trade union agreements, nor companies, sellers or Navarres of activities or procedures. to organize such workers, and (iv) companies are not parties to a collective agreement or other trade union contract, nor are companies, sellers or Navarre informed of the activities or procedures of a union for the organization of such workers. Approval orders or comparisons with their respective companies or employees. Sellers provided buyers with complete and correct copies of all these agreements, if any (the “employment and employment contracts”). Companies have not been and have not been pronounced in the last three (3) years in the event of a technical default or infringement in accordance with the provisions of the employment and employment contracts (with the exception of violations or failures that have been cured). 8.4 Full agreement; Changing. This agreement, including schedules and exhibitions, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all oral discussions, negotiations and prior agreements on the purpose of this agreement, either in writing or orally. This agreement cannot be amended, amended, extended, supplemented, abbreviated, (d) After written notification to purchasers and companies that lay out the detailed basis, and after fifteen (15) days of liability, sellers and/or Navarre may charge any amount to which they are actually entitled under this section 7.2 on amounts otherwise paid to the purchaser and/or the company. The exercise of such activity by the seller and/or Navarre in good faith, whether ultimately deemed justified or not, does not constitute a failure or violation of this agreement, the logistics agreement, the distribution agreement, the transitional service provision agreement or another agreement between or between Navarre and one or two companies. 5.1 Books and recordings. From time to time, purchasers will provide sellers and their representatives, after notice and at reasonable times, with appropriate access and assistance for reasonable purposes, including, but not limited to (a) the establishment or filing of tax returns or bids required by the United States or advised with the United States.