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Horse Lease Agreement Template Canada

The agreement may be accompanied by documents confirming the ownership of the horses. They may also be asked to attach documents indicating the horse`s health. Prepare these facilities in advance. First, you must date the document indicating the day it was completed and signed and by whom. As part of the agreement, the following information must in principle be provided: the horse lease can be used when an applicant owns a horse and wishes to rent it to another person. The terms of your agreement must be defined and all aspects must be clarified. This document has two types. The first is a full-time horse deal. In this case, the borrower has full access to the animal for the duration set by the parties.

The second type is a lease for boarding horses. After this species, both parties have access to the horse and share the financial responsibility of the animal. Horse information: name, registration number, father, mother, date, sex, color, other details; Whenever someone interacts in one way or another with a horse, you are held responsible. If you sell or rent one or two horses each year, this may be normal and you may not need Horse Sales and Leasing insurance. But if you pull up a lot of horses and buy and sell more than a few horses a year, you need a commercial responsibility. A short-term lease can only last a day or a few weeks. In general, the purpose of short-term leasing is horseback riding. Some owners rent their seasonal horses from schools, camps or resorts. A long-term lease can last from 90 days to 3 years anywhere. In most cases, people use long-term leases to try to own horses. It could also be for breeding or competition. In many cases, owners offer the opportunity to buy the horse in a long-term lease.

In Ontario, the sale and leasing of horses is a commercial enterprise in which you can benefit, which means that you are committed to taking responsibility. We can`t always predict how horses will behave in all situations, so you want to make sure you protect yourself and your business. We know that you take care of the horses and the people who come to you to get your services. Steps must be taken to ensure that an accident does not occur at all. There are short- and long-term leases and there are many reasons to rent a horse. Regardless of the length of the lease, the owner must prepare a rental agreement involving the use of the horse. Part of your liability will be discharged if you own the horse, if you pass it on to the tenant, but you want to make sure that the tenant is properly insured.