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Gleneagles Agreement Cartoon

Peter Bromhead, “Are you not obsessed with the wrong guy,” July 22, 1981. This cartoon shows Robert Muldoon handing over a death certificate to a man representing the Gleneagles Agreement, while on the ground a man representing New Zealand`s reputation commits suicide with a sword called “the tour”. Exhibited in “Guts and Glory” a rugby cartoon exhibition organized by the New Zealand Cartoon Archive Trust in collaboration with the Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand, at the National Library Gallery, July 15 – November 7, 1999, then toured until 2001. Achieving the full objectives of the agreement required understanding, support and active participation of countries, their people and their national sports organizations and authorities. Members called together to put this understanding, support and participation into practice to ensure that the people and governments of the Commonwealth are world leaders in this area. The cartoon shows Robert Mulldoon handing over a death certificate to a man representing the “Gleneagles Accords” as he commits a man representing New Zealand`s reputation on the ground, committing suicide with a sword called “the Tour”. Draws attention to the conflict over sports relations with South Africa under the apartheid regime and how they have damaged New Zealand`s international reputation. The Gleneagles Agreement stated that “Commonwealth member countries of peoples of different races… . They reaffirmed their full support for the international campaign against apartheid and welcomed the efforts of the United Nations to achieve generally accepted approaches to the issue of sports contacts as part of the campaign. Can you tell us more about the information on this page? Perhaps you have a related experience that you would like to share? You must confirm with the copyright owner before editing, remixing or basing it on this item. . You can copy this item for personal use, share it and publish it on a blog or website.

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